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Deliver Excellent Client Service During a Pandemic

With furloughs and layoffs on the rise, your clients’ legal departments are likely absorbing more work with far fewer headcount due to COVID-19. Now more than ever, it’s critical that you show your value to your clients. Make an investment today that will help solidify your relationship now and in the future. Follow these tips to deliver excellent client service during a pandemic:

  • Offer monthly client briefings. What are the top three issues affecting your client’s business? Come up with short (60 minutes or less) online seminars you can offer on those topics to provide maximum value in a short amount of time. Treat this in the same way you would orchestrate an in-house training program for a specific client pre-pandemic. If scheduled over lunch, have a meal delivery service send lunch to each attendee.
  • Provide a virtual bootcamp. In-house counsel are assuming expanded responsibilities due to furloughs and layoffs. This is a golden opportunity to show your value by offering a gratis in-depth virtual bootcamp to get them up-to-speed. It also presents an excellent opportunity to introduce all relevant members of the client team in a thoughtful, informative, and highly tailored workshop while exhibiting your firm’s expertise, historical knowledge, and importance to the company.
  • Regularly send articles that are apropos to your client. In-house counsel are flooded with emails from law firms and news sources. Make sure your email stands out. Always include a catchy subject line and be sure to provide a brief overview including the relevance to their company.
  • Align your client service agenda with your client’s priorities. It is critical you are regularly speaking with your clients about their challenges, priorities, and shifting goals. These conversations may reveal opportunities to introduce a new area of expertise, refine your approach to client communications, or reveal underlying business challenges that are driving legal decisions.
  • Get creative with your client entertainment efforts. Although you are unable to meet with clients in person, there are still ways to curate a unique experience to remain top of mind. Check out this recent blog post on creative client entertainment during Covid-19 for inspiration.

Remember, your clients are the lifeblood of your firm. The pandemic has created a great deal of uncertainty for your clients. Put yourself in their shoes when considering how best to deliver excellent client service. Investing in your client relationships today will help you maintain and grow these relationships now and in the future.

Excellent Client Service