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Categories: COVID-19, Law

Crafting Effective COVID-19 Client Communications

Every law firm is flooding their client base with information on how best to navigate the pandemic. Whether penning a client advisory on work-from-home policies, COVID’s impact on the M&A market, or premises liability issues, crafting effective client communications is more important than ever. All client alerts should follow these four steps for success.

Be catchy.

Never make the title of your alert an afterthought. Your subject line is the first thing your readers will see. If it’s not catchy and descriptive, readers may scroll past it to a more intriguing email.

Be brief.

Lawyers have a tendency to elaborate and overcomplicate. Aim for no more than a few short paragraphs. Include bullet points where relevant.

Be compelling.

The first paragraph needs to capture the imagination. Similar to news articles, you should lead with the most important information, explaining the importance AND relevance to your readers.

Be first.

Firms are chomping at the bit to publish on the latest Coronavirus news. Your alert should be published within the first 24 hours to ensure it is topical and timely.

Crafting effective client communications requires a combination of thoughtful planning, timely information, and good communication skills. If you need assistance improving your messaging to clients, please reach out.

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