Kelly Bergeron

Kelly Bergeron, MS, RCC

Senior Executive Coach

Executive Coaching, Career Coaching

Consulting: Performance Management, Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Talent Acquisition/Retention, and Succession Planning

Kelly is committed to developing impactful leaders through consistent and insightful coaching that encourages transparency and continued growth. Her clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their strengths, potential blind-spots, and how to navigate through change. Focused on meaningful communication and the thorough exploration of individual motivation, clients are inspired to evolve into the best versions of themselves in order to lead fuller, more productive lives. She works particularly well with those manager/director level leaders getting ready for the next step or wanting to maximize effectiveness with current teams.

As a seasoned human resources professional, Kelly also has expertise in talent development as well as performance management and organizational development. The keystone throughout her career, has been the ability to recognize and develop talent while building strong, cohesive teams. Kelly conducts effective workshops on workplace conflict resolution, meaningful listening and communication skills, and the fundamentals of leadership in today’s workplace.

Kelly’s wide-range of leadership and human resources experiences have shaped her unique style of coaching and consulting. After graduating from Florida State University with a BA in English Literature, she began her professional life as a Marine Corps Officer, where she successfully served in a number of command and staff positions, both domestically and overseas. Upon leaving the Corps after achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Kelly began her next chapter as a human resources executive for the next 18 years, and most recently was the Chief Human Resources Officer for a nationwide digital advertising company in the multi-family residential space. During 2020, Kelly conducted group and individual leadership coaching at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and presented workshops and training on Alan Fine’s leadership coaching program, Inside Out Coaching.  Kelly has an MS in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, and is a Registered Corporate Coach through the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. She is also a trained Mediator and Facilitator.