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Categories: Career

Want to Write More?

In her blog on, Vicki Flier Hudson recently shared what works for her when it comes to writing. Her tips include where to find inspiration, how to get started, and ways to buy out time to accomplish and refine your writing. Read on below…

Want to Write More? Here’s What Works for Me.

by Vicki Hudson

In this age of COVID and political unrest, I find myself thinking about simpler times. I try to live in the present, but I also find fulfillment in recalling meaningful events in my life, like filling in a timeline of who I am.

We all need refuge right now from grief and uncertainty. For me, that refuge takes the forms of classic sitcoms, music, and writing. Yep, “quirky” is my middle name.

My latest writing project is a memoir of my musical adventures arcing from my childhood in Los Angeles to my present-day as the lead singer of The Spirit of Rush. I grew up in LA in the 1980s at the height of hair metal and hard rock. I spent many a weekend on Sunset Strip in Hollywood going from club to club seeing incredible bands, and meeting them! I thought it was time to tell my story.

Writing this book has provided an escape from the world’s difficulties, but beyond that it allows me to document my life. Writing can be an outlet, a way to reach new customers, a tool for processing emotions, a way to express thought leadership, and so much more.

Today, I want to offer some writing tips that have worked for me. If you want to write more…

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