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Novateur’s customized, interactive learning opportunities focus on helping the people in your organization learn new skills and reach their full potential.

Your organization’s people need every advantage to continue to be successful in today’s competitive environment. Novateur offers practical, hands-on, innovative workshops of varying lengths that incorporate multiple modes of learning so that everyone participates and gains lasting insights. We work with you to co-create an in-person or virtual workshop that will inform, energize and engage your group. Whether you are gathering face-to-face or online, your team will gain concrete skills and form actionable plans for implementation.

We also facilitate team meetings and off-sites to ensure that the time your group spends together provides the return on investment you seek. We facilitate experiential activities designed to boost communication, teamwork and morale as well as to enhance influence and change management skills.

Our Workshops:

Now more than ever, it is critical that leaders listen deeply to their stakeholders, colleagues and those they manage. Listening is especially challenging in the virtual world when we are deprived of the visual cues that help us interpret someone’s words. However, when you learn to actively listen at the deepest level, you can better understand those you lead and build stronger relationships with everyone around you. In this interactive program, Debby helps you learn the five keys to active listening through teaching and hands-on exercises.

You will learn:

  • Why listening is critical to improving your working relationships.
  • How to avoid distraction.
  • The core skills needed to become a focused, active listener.

Determining Your Values: The Foundation for Career Planning

Understanding and becoming clear about individual core values is crucial to making good career and life decisions. In this workshop, participants will discern their values through interactive exercises and will learn how to derive professional and personal insights and motivation from the values they hold.

Defining Your Path: Values-Based Success

Participants will learn how to leverage their values to develop personal definitions of success which they can use to prioritize, set goals and make career decisions with greater ease.  Participants will also be given the tools to turn their individual definitions of success into an actionable, personalized career development plan.

Do you wish you had more time to focus on the big picture? Do you feel your time is not your own and that you are constantly solving other people’s problems? If so, you are not alone, and Debby will teach you to gain more control of your time and become more skilled at developing and managing the people around you by becoming a coaching leader.

You will learn to:

  • Implement core coaching skills that are critical for leading and developing others.
  • Use focused listening and powerful questions to shift a relationship and improve communication.
  • Provide acknowledgement to create a positive work environment.

Hiring mistakes are painful in a multitude of ways. They can be culturally toxic and the associated sunk costs can rise into the six figures. Asking behavioral questions based on key competencies can help you avoid making those bad hiring decisions. In this workshop, you will learn how competency-based interview questions will enhance your ability to gather critical information during the interview process and help you weed out candidates who don’t fit the success profile for the role.

You will learn:

  • Identify the differences between behavioral interviewing and other interview techniques.
  • Understand the anatomy and power of a competency-based behavioral interview question.
  • Understand how to turn competencies into behavioral interview questions.
  • Seamlessly integrate behavioral questions into the interview process.

Building a strong brand is critical to success in any profession. You must excel at telling your story if you want to reach your professional goals. But, how do you let others know about your strengths, accomplishments and brand without coming across as arrogant? Debby Stone builds upon the concepts in her book, The Art of Self-Promotion: Tell Your Story, Transform Your Career, to guide attendees toward becoming more confident, graceful and authentic self-promoters who tell their stories powerfully.

You will learn:

  • Adopt an empowering mindset about telling your story.
  • Determine the components of your personal brand.
  • Leverage concrete tools to develop the key components of a masterful self-promotion story.
  • Develop practical strategies for implementing the art of self-promotion in the context of your career path.

Business Development Fundamentals

Great rainmakers know that business comes from those who know them, like them and trust them.  Ideal for associates and those struggling to build a book of business, this program focuses on mindset, consistency of action and relationship-building as the foundation for business development success.  Attendees will learn the key steps they need to take in order to create and sustain a flourishing professional network that over time will lead them to developing clients.

An Inside Look at Successful Business Development

Building on Business Development Fundamentals, this workshop goes beyond the basics and covers the key strategies that attorneys need to implement in order to build a thriving practice. In a Q&A format, this program will answer the questions that coaches are most frequently asked during 1:1 business development coaching.  You will leave with practical advice and concrete tools to take your business development efforts to the next level.

We all face adversity, hit roadblocks and have setbacks. It is how we respond to those events that makes or breaks our careers. Debby shares with you the key components of resiliency, why it is important to leadership and how you can become more resilient.

You will learn:

  • How resiliency affects business and career-pathing decisions.
  • The fundamental components of resilience.
  • Ways to incorporate resiliency-building habits into your life and work.

Differences of opinion can bring increased innovation and solutions, but differences can also create tension, conflict, and disruption. Dialogue across polarized views is more critical than ever. This program will guide you with proven, practical techniques for successful conversations with family, friends, and work colleagues, no matter how difficult the subjects. We provide options for short-circuiting the human response of defensiveness so you can accomplish your purpose.

You will learn:

  • Reflect on the relationships where you would most like to build bridges.
  • Gain clarity on the purpose of your difficult conversations.
  • Explore multiple options for responding to polarizing conversations.
  • Observe examples of techniques in the real world.
  • Apply one or more techniques to your specific situations.

Some people seem to have that certain something that sets them apart and tells everyone they meet that they should be taken seriously. That something is Executive Presence, and in business, it is a key component of leadership success. Debby will show you how you can develop your executive presence and ensure that you are having the leadership impact you desire.

You will learn:

  • How executive presence is defined.
  • What you can do to enhance your presence.
  • Common pitfalls that derail presence and how to avoid them.

Today, most of us have had to transition quickly to virtual speaking whether in meetings, events, or sales pitches. But it’s tough to keep people engaged virtually. In this interactive session, you will learn 5 secrets to sustain attention, boost your credibility, and make an impact in your organization. We will dig into the best practices for a great virtual voice, using body language to project confidence, effectively sharing data to report numbers and stats, raising the bar with a strong opening and closing, and creating visually stunning slides that capture attention.

You will learn to:

  • Keep your audiences engaged and prevent multitasking.
  • Create a powerful virtual presence and enhance your credibility.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of virtual speaking and take your presentation skills from good to great.

Doubts – we all have them. It is almost impossible to imagine work without questioning yourself from time-to-time, isn’t it? For most of us a recurring sense of self-doubt is simply part of the job, but how do we know if we are dealing with a normal volume of critical inner thoughts versus wrestling with full-blown Imposter Syndrome? Employing both research and client stories, Debby Stone shares the origins of the concept of imposter syndrome, puts the syndrome into context and provides concrete tools to help you combat self-doubt.

You will learn:

  • The origins of the concept of the imposter phenomenon
  • How Imposter Syndrome differs from self-doubt
  • Strategies for combatting self-doubt and the inner critical voice

Delegation is critical to increasing productivity in the face of the demands of our hybrid virtual and in-person workplace. Those who delegate well develop strong team members, have the ability to elevate their level of work and are more productive while avoiding burnout. Several key factors determine whether an effort to delegate work will be successful or end in failure. In this workshop, you will learn the steps necessary to fully let go of tasks and projects without falling into the traps of micromanagement or abdication.

You will learn:

  • The benefits of mastering delegation.
  • What, when and to whom you should delegate.
  • A delegation process you can follow to ensure success.
  • How to create ownership and accountability.

Now more than ever, mastering time management is critical to your success. This interactive workshop will provide practical, easy-to-incorporate tips to help you hone your time management skills and increase your productivity.

You will learn:

  • How to prioritize competing deadlines.
  • Strategies to plan workflow in advance and avoid missed deadlines.
  • Best practices to eliminate distractions.
  • Techniques to effectively communicate with your supervisor.
  • Tips to avoid rabbit holes.

Although the vast majority of Americans consider themselves unbiased, research shows that most of us harbor some degree of implicit gender bias. Implicit bias can be especially insidious since it unconsciously shapes our actions. Debby will share the latest research, facilitate a discussion about how implicit gender bias shows up and teach you ways to fight bias through awareness and action.

You will learn to:

  • Define implicit bias and how it affects the legal community.
  • Recognize bias in the midst of everyday scenarios.
  • Consciously redirect your thinking and take concrete action to combat bias.

Our workshops and training programs vary in length from one-hour lunch and learn style programs to half-day and full-day sessions.