• Are You On the Road to Success?

Novateur Partners, LLC is a coaching, consulting and training company. We have over a decade of experience working with lawyers, business leaders and entrepreneurs as well as the companies and firms in which they work. Our innovative tools and methods improve performance and help our clients develop and implement practical strategies for increased success. In every engagement, we leverage our experience and training to help you and your team reach your goals more quickly.

Coaches with Real-World Experience

Each Novateur Partners coach is trained and experienced in the latest individual coaching techniques and methodologies. We have deep experience in the legal community and in the business world. Our coaching focuses on business growth, career management, personal/professional development, communication skills, and leadership development.

Our training programs are interactive, engaging and filled with concrete tools and action steps for easy implementation. We equip our clients to better use their own resources and skills to create the professional and personal future they desire.