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Outplacement Transition Coaching: The Key to the Double Bottom Line for Law Firms

The news sounds bleak: “Big Law Continues to Face Layoffs”, “Layoffs Are Spreading: After All, There’s Only So Much Work to Go Around.” As a law firm, how can you ensure that these cutbacks not only shore up your current financial bottom line but also avoid injury to your reputational bottom line now and in the future? Providing outplacement transition coaching is the key to that double bottom line.

Outplacement Transition Coaching Benefits Individuals

Outplacement coaching is about more than simply helping a transitioning attorney or staff member find a new job, it is about helping them clarify their next steps and work through the myriad of feelings associated with transitioning out. Being asked to transition out of a firm can be an overwhelming experience. Many individuals find themselves emotional about the process and often feel inadequately prepared to jump into the job market.

Having a coach to guide them through networking, interview preparation, post interview debriefing and the negotiation of compensation terms for their new role is invaluable to those transitioning individuals. Transitioning lawyers and staff appreciate being given a coach to work with as they determine what position, within or outside of the legal profession, would be an ideal fit. They benefit from having someone provide the direction and accountability necessary to help them attain and sustain positive momentum during the job search.

Outplacement Transition Coaching Benefits Law Firms

The payoff to the firm is also tremendous. Not only are the individuals who receive outplacement transition coaching more likely to find a position that is a good fit, but they are also more likely to be happy firm alumni as well. When the firm plays a part in helping the individual find a new role or career path by providing outplacement coaching services or connecting them to a coach, former attorneys and staff members look back more favorably on their experiences with the firm. This often translates into sustained relationships and future business opportunities for former colleagues who remain at the firm.

An Outplacement Coaching Success Story

Kevin is a great example of the power of outplacement transition coaching. Kevin had just finished his second year at an AMLAW 200 firm, having joined from a smaller regional law firm after three years there to begin his career. Although things had been going well, when his practice group leader and some other partners left to go to a different firm, Kevin was a bit adrift and was soon told he was going to be transitioned out. His firm gave him the opportunity to work with a coach, and Kevin eagerly took the chance to explore the possibilities available to him.

The coaching prompted Kevin to do some deep exploration of the type of career he really wanted and where he wanted to work. His coach helped him assess his values, goals, skills, and abilities. His coach also encouraged him to reach out to his network and guided him through interview prep.

Ultimately, Kevin decided to change practice areas and pursue a new path. Together, he and his coach crafted his story so he could showcase his current skills and clearly share how he would add value to his new firm as he transitioned practice areas. Kevin came away from the coaching engagement with a new role and with gratitude, not only for the opportunity ahead, but also gratitude that his former firm helped him during the transition by providing him with a coach.

Kevin’s story is just one example of how providing outplacement transition coaching is the key to the double bottom line for law firms who laying off lawyers or reducing staff. Contact Novateur Partners to learn more about our outplacement transition coaching services.

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